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Mido’s Recovery transport cars between Peterborough & anywhere in the UK. We work with the public, businesses and authorities.

Who Can We Assist?

1. Public: 24/7 Recovery & Breakdown

Drivers who experience car breakdowns, accidents, or mechanical failures and need their vehicles towed or recovered to a safe location or a repair shop.

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2. Trade: Auto Repair & Mechanics

Mechanics or auto repair facilities who need our assistance in towing or recovering vehicles that are beyond the scope of their repair capabilities.

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3. Trade: Car Dealerships

Car dealerships require our services for transporting vehicles from one location to another, such as delivering newly purchased cars to customers or moving vehicles between their branches.

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4. Trade: Fleet Owners

Businesses that operate vehicle fleets, such as transportation companies, delivery services, or rental car agencies, may require our services for their stranded or disabled vehicles.

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5. Trade: Motor Insurance Companies

Insurance providers can work with us to assist their policyholders in case of accidents, breakdowns, or other emergencies.

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6. Trade: Local Authorities

Local authorities such as police or councils can contact us for clearing accident scenes, removing abandoned vehicles, or assisting with vehicle recoveries.

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7. Trade: Parking Management Companies

We can collaborate with car park operators or management companies to tow illegally parked vehicles or remove vehicles causing obstruction.

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8. Trade: Roadside Assistance & Clubs

We can partner with roadside assistance programs, such as those offered by automobile clubs or motorist associations.

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9. Trade: Salvage Yards & Car Breakers

We collect and deliver vehicles to and from scrap / salvage yards. We collect from auctions, businesses & private addresses.

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